Geometry: Subdivision
Polygons: 123,294
Vertices: 62,045
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
Rigged: No
Animated: No
UV Mapped: Yes
Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping

A highly realistic and detailed skeleton
All bones are seperate (correctly named) models(which gives the ability to hide or highlight certain bones)

Shaders, lighting and render settings set up for 3dsmax 2008 and up.
Obj files included, which can be imported into a program of choice.
The model has a very clean topology and is completly uv-mapped.
The model uses a displacement map for extra detail, but is designed to work
well without the use of displacement maps(there is a small loss of detail when not using them).
*Skeleton uses one 4k texture for color and one 4k texture displacement map.

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